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The project

search for healthy soil

The vision

A healthy soil, a healthy plant. In collaboration with the industry, our research team is striving to establish sustainable, healthy agriculture.

Researching microplastics in the soil

The problem

In this project, we are investigating whether and to what extent microplastics are present in the soil, and if they affect soil and plant health.

search for healthy soil

The solution

We are investigating whether our agricultural soils contain the solution we're looking for: plastic-degrading bacteria or fungi, which are used to break down (micro)plastics.

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About MiCoS

The MiCoS project is part of Professor Caroline De Tender's Micro2Soil laboratory, which is part of the Microbiology Laboratory at Ghent University. Our research focuses on microbial diversity in soil and how it is affected by soil cultivation and environmental stress, including microplastics.

The MiCoS Team

Prof. Caroline De Tender

Prof. Caroline De Tender

Bioengineer and biotechnologist

"As leader of this project, I combine my expertise in marine microplastics research, gained during my PhD, with my experience as a biotechnologist working on microorganisms in soil and plants"

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Dr. Lisa Joos

Dr. Lisa Joos

Biologist and biotechnologist

"With my PhD in hand, on soil health and microbial life, I became deeply fascinated by the complexity hidden beneath our feet. As a post-doctoral fellow in the MiCoS project, I intend to explore this complexity further, but this time with a plastic twist."

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Msc. Benthe Van Buyten

Msc. Benthe Van Buyten

Biochemist and biotechnologist

"As a recent graduate with a master's degree in biochemistry and biotechnology, I have developed a fascination for microbiology and want to further my knowledge of microbial life. As a PhD student in the MiCoS project, I want to immerse myself in the microbial world of soils and plastics."

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This project is funded by the European Union (ERC, MiCoS, 101075944). However, the opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Research Council. Neither the European Union nor the funding authority can be held responsible for any statements relating to the project.

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